Terms of Use

The SHIBUYA QWS website (hereinafter, the “Website”) is operated by SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE Corporation (hereinafter, the “Company”).

We ask that all users agree to the following before using the Website.

Note that the Company deems that usage of the Website constitutes agreement to the following.


1.  Website Browsing Environment

We recommend the following browsing environments for the Website. Viewing the Website using an unrecommended browser may result in some content not running properly.


(1) Recommended Browsers

For Windows users: Internet Explorer 11 or above, latest version of Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge

For Mac users: Latest version of Safari, Firefox, or Google Chrome

For smartphone users: Latest version of default browser for iOS or Android


(2) Plugins

Adobe Reader (https://get.adobe.com/reader/)

Adobe Reader (free of charge), distributed by Adobe Inc., is needed to view PDFs. Installing Adobe Reader makes it possible to view and print PDFs.


(3) JavaScript

The Website uses JavaScript to make provide users with a more convenient browsing experience. We strive to make the Website browsable in environments where JavaScript cannot be used and states in which JavaScript is disabled; however, disabling JavaScript may result in unexpected page displays. ​


2. Information Published on the Website

The Company takes various precautions when publishing information on the Website. However, all information published on the Website is information at the time of publishing, and upon publishing to the Website, names or content may be revised or removed without prior notice, and published information may cease to be accurate with time.

Furthermore, note that the Company may change, suspend, or withdraw information on the Website without prior notice.


3. Copyright, Etc.

All content on the Website, including text information and images, is protected by the Copyright Act, etc. The use of this content, without the prior permission of the Company, for purposes other than personal use exceeding the scope recognized by law (including duplication, modification, sales, uploading to other websites, posting on the internet or other media, licensing, publishing, distribution, transmission to the general public, etc.) is prohibited.

Furthermore, the facility names, the name of the Company, the names of group companies, the service mark (logo), etc. published in the Website are the registered trademarks or trademarks of the Company or a group company thereof. All other proper nouns on the Website, including product names, are the trademarks or registered trademarks of each company. The use of these trademarks and registered trademarks without permission of the rights holder is prohibited.


4. Sites Linked from the Website

Management of the content of non-Company third-party websites (hereinafter, “linked websites”) that are linked from the Website is the responsibility of each respective third party, and is not the responsibility of the Company. Please use linked websites in accordance with the terms of use stipulated by each linked website.

The Company bears no responsibility for the content of linked websites or for any damages resulting from the use of linked websites.

Note that separate from the Website, the Company has linked websites on social media platforms such as Facebook; however, the Company provides separate notices regarding usages for each linked website. Please refer to the said notices at the time of use.


5. Links to the Website

(1) We refuse links from websites containing content such as the following:

– Content made with the intention of defaming and damaging trust in the Company or a third party other than the Company;

– Content made with the intention of violating the copyrights, trademark rights, and/or other intellectual property of the Company or a third party other than the Company;

– Content made with the purpose of promoting commercial activities by, e.g., linking to the Website and displaying content from the Website; and

– Websites containing content that violates public order and decency, indecent content such as pornography, etc.


(2) No particular procedures, etc. are required when linking to the Website, but when providing a link to the Website, the following are to be followed in principle.

Link to the “SHIBUYA QWS” website. Do not link to individual pages other than the homepage, as this may result in linking to a page that no longer exists due to changes to the website structure or server structure without prior notice or linking to outdated information.

Furthermore, the display for the link at this time should be the above URL, with a text link such as “SHIBUYA QWS” or “SHIBUYA QWS website” only.

Note that directly displaying the Website on the originating website for the link (a link in the form of incorporating the Website in an original frame) could lead to user misunderstanding, and is thus prohibited.


6. Disclaimers, Etc.

We take various precautions when publishing information to the Website, but provide no guarantee regarding the usefulness, accuracy, or safety (the occurrence of errors, the normal operation of each function, correction when an issue occurs, the infiltration of computer viruses and/or other harmful items into the Website and/or server, etc.) resulting from the use of this information.


7. Inquiries from Users by Email

The Company may be unable to receive email from users due to internet issues or outages, but we do not bear responsibility for damages to users resulting from such events. Furthermore, the Company retains the copyrights to email, etc. sent from the Company in response to user inquiries. The transfer of such information to other websites, printed publications, etc. without the permission of the Company is prohibited.


8. Applicable Laws, Etc.

Unless otherwise provided explicitly, the use of the Website and the interpretation, application, etc. of the published information and of this Terms of Use conform to Japanese domestic law. Moreover, in the case of a dispute regarding the use of the Website, the Tokyo District Court shall have jurisdiction as the court of first instance.

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