Personal Information Protection Policy

SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the “Company”) promotes the following initiatives to properly collect, retain, and use the personal information handled by the Company , and to recognize the importance of and responsibly protect personal information through, e.g., managing customers’ personal information collected and retained by the Company in a safe and up-to-date manner.


Observance of Laws, Etc.

1. The Company observes laws regarding personal information protection, laws regarding, e.g., the usage of numbers for identifying specific individuals in administrative procedures, and other relevant laws, etc.


Internal Structure

2. With regard to the handling of personal information, the Company formulates personal information management rules and creates a system to protect personal information by, e.g., designating managers and handlers.


Personal Information Collection

3. The Company collects customers’ personal information through proper methods, within the scope necessary for achieving the usage purposes notified or published beforehand.


Personal Information Usage

4. The Company uses customers’ personal information within the scope of the usage purposes, and does not engage in use outside of those purposes.


Proper Management of Personal Information

5. The Company takes measures to manage the personal information collected in an accurate and up-to-date state.


Internal Education

6. The Company gives employees personal information protection training/education, and constantly aims to improve personal information protection awareness.


Consignee Supervision

7. When outsourcing all or a part of handling of personal information, the Company selects consignees who have taken sufficient safety management measures for personal information protection, and appropriately guides and supervises those consignees.


Third Party Provision Limitations

8. Outside of cases pursuant to law, the Company does not provide or disclose customers’ personal information without receiving customer consent.


Continuous Improvement

9. The Company will strive to continuously review and improve its handling of personal information.



Atsuro Yamanaka, President & Representative Director

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